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Reduce the risks

More than 25% of childbirths today are non-spontaneous and require medical procedures such as vacuum extraction or caesarean section. Both methods involve risks for the patients. By introducing Genit we will make vacuum extraction safer by using state of the art sensor technology to monitor the proceedure and thus reducing risks for mothers and newborns.

Real time information

GENIT will assist the physicians in decision making by providing them relevant and effective feedback based on measurement data from different sensors. All data measured will be displayed for the doctor in real time, the feedback from GENIT will also enable an increase in the efficiency of a vacuum extraction thus improving its overall quality.

Better informed decisions

With our product vacuum extractions will become safer as decisions will be taken based on objective clinical data, providing precision and quality assurance to the procedure. GENIT will be a complementary product to existing vacuum extraction instruments making assited child delivery safer.


"We fund the Genit project as it is an innovation that has a large potential to reduce the numbers of injuries during child birth. There is also a highly competent and very dedicated team behind the project."
"With GENIT, vacuum extractions will become safer as decisions will be based on objective clinical data, providing precision and quality assurance to the procedure."
"The new intelligent vacuum extraction tool has the potential to change and improve care for people all over the world."


Malin Bendstrom

""Knowing instead of guessing, that changes everything."


Carolina Keya

""It's just an extra layer of safety, Genit is lika a safety belt for the newborn."

Juror, innovation contest

John Mortensson

""Ingeniously combining excisting techniques in a new tool for acute situations in a critical stage of life, the start"


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Genit Innovations develops medical devices for obstetric care. Every forth pregnant woman will need to be assisted by a medical procedure when delivering their child. Today the alternatives are either a cesarean, with all the direct risks of surgery and also increasing indirect risks of complications in your next pregnancy, or vacuum extraction which is safer since it is still a vaginal birth however it is performed with an old tool developed more than 60 years ago, injuring thousands of new-borns every year.

Our first product, Genit, will make vacuum extraction safer buy introducing modern sensor technology into an old tool, thus offering an intelligent device that will help preventing injuries to hundreds of children in Sweden and several thousand globally every year. Genit has been tested in 250 deliveries with very good results, providing doctors with decision support based on objective data. We are now developing our prototype into a finished product that can be introduced to the market.

  • Our research and developement is done in Stockholm, Sweden


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